The Best Burgers in Berlin: Pt. 1

Best burger in Berlin

The burger scene in Berlin is ridiculous. I’ve never met a city so infatuated with the things, with competition running stronger and tastier as each month passes. Every time I get around to trying a new burger, five more seem to appear. And thus, I have developed this noble and endless quest to find Berlin’s perfect patty.

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A Weekend in Budapest.

Things to do in Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe’s major weekend destinations for a reason. The cultural influences of both East and West and the mark of ‘Goulash Communism’ have created an intriguing and picturesque city. A city full of (mostly) untouched architecture, awesome food and scenes so incredibly stunning it’ll take all your strength to stop taking excessive amounts of photos because its getting dark and you’ve been walking the same stretch for two hours now.

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