Top 10 New Restaurants in Boston: Coppersmith

I was excited when I read about Coppersmith’s opening. But the more I read, the more wary I grew. Firstly, a restaurant should not advertise itself as ‘a foodie playground’; the community and critics should label it as such. And what of the fake food trucks fixed against the wall of the main dining room? We’ll get to that.

To feed an establishment of this size – the main restaurant holds over 200 – is a challenge. To maintain quality control over such a high volume is even harder.

best new restaurants in Boston Coppersmith
Coppersmith’s beverage menu features 12 draft lines, a rotating tap spotlight, a solid wine menu and several house cocktails

The menu was promising – simple and modern meals that, had they been well-executed, could have been tasty – but I left feeling a little flat. The french toast was decadent, but the burger was over-cooked. The eggs were poached perfectly, but the fried green tomatoes were unseasoned and the english muffin felt stale. The food was not bad, by any means, but the actualisation of these promising dishes was just a little… uninspired.

best new restaurants in Boston Coppersmith
The nutella french toast – brioche, berries, and warm maple syrup

The massive warehouse-style space is being described as a ‘community hub’ by Red Door Hospitality, the creators of the Coppersmith concept. Along with an enormous dining room, you’ll find a full-service cafe offering grab-and-go items, a rooftop bar serving cocktails and plates from a raw bar, and several outdoor patios. The entire space also promises lightning-fast WIFI for those who want to use it as a business hub.

best new restaurants in Boston Coppersmith
The Coppersmith Cider Punch – a tasty, autumnal cocktail

The industrial-chic styling of this former copper foundry is fresh, but in a I-think-I’ve-been-here-before kind of way. The bar area is long and lovely and large enough to allow patrons plenty of space while they watch a game of Sunday afternoon NFL. And, with games screening on several televisions around the bar, they’re certainly accommodating to the sports-obsessed citizens of Boston.

best new restaurants in Boston Coppersmith
Coppersmith’s food trucks serve ‘global comfort food’

The food trucks that sit attached to the brick wall of the main restaurant will be a common attraction for Coppersmith. They serve a separate, oft-changing menu that features items like meatloaf meatballs, Korean spare ribs, and steamed buns with pork belly. A fun idea, perhaps, but one lacking originality and reason.

best new restaurants in Boston Coppersmith
The Coppersmith Burger with VT cheddar, tomato aioli and shredded iceberg

If you’re looking for a fancy sports bar to chow down on simple, hearty food with a large group of friends, Coppersmith will work. It’s casual and it’ll make most people happy.

If you’re searching for a dining experience that’ll really impress, however, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Coppersmith is located at 40 W. 3rd St, South Boston 02127.

Up next on the blog: I speak to the minds behind My Meal Guru to discuss the rise of meal delivery startups in major cities around the country. What does this means for the hospitality industry? What about consumers, or the companies themselves? We’ll find out.


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