Top 10 New Restaurants in Boston: Coppersmith

best new restaurants in Boston Coppersmith

I was excited when I read about Coppersmith’s opening. But the more I read, the more wary I grew. Firstly, a restaurant should not advertise itself as ‘a foodie playground’; the community and critics should label it as such. And what of the fake food trucks fixed against the wall of the main dining room? We’ll get to that.

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The Best Markets in Berlin

Neue Heimat Markets, Berlin

Summer in Berlin is finally here, and market season is well and truly upon us.

Never have I met a city with so many local food, farmers’ and flea markets. Each Berlin borough, along with an ever-prevalent green space, seems to hold its own colourful bazaar, whether community-run or organised by the city.

Some are cool, some are real, and each one has a distinct style and appeal. And, of course, the food is absolutely phenomenal.

We love them all, but here are some of our favourites.

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A Weekend in Munich.

Bald Neue coffee in Munich

Our trip to Munich turned out a little different to what we had originally planned. Instead of four seats on the train we only needed two. The news of their involuntary un-attendance came like a blow to the face. We were sad and they were sad; it was the worst of times. Nevertheless, Joe and I still had a wonderful time in Munich, even though only half the amount of steins and pretzels were consumed.

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A Weekend in Prague: Coffee, Food, Beer.

Coffee at Cafe Lounge, Prague

I never want to leave Prague. The food is inspired, the coffee is incredible, and the beer is some of the best in the world.

This suits my style of travel particularly well. For me, the best way to discover a new place is through its food scene. Sure, we walked across the Charles Bridge, visited Prague Castle and made our way around the obvious sights — fighting off swarms of tourists in the process — but the highlights for me were those moments of true edible discovery.

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A Weekend in Budapest.

Things to do in Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe’s major weekend destinations for a reason. The cultural influences of both East and West and the mark of ‘Goulash Communism’ have created an intriguing and picturesque city. A city full of (mostly) untouched architecture, awesome food and scenes so incredibly stunning it’ll take all your strength to stop taking excessive amounts of photos because its getting dark and you’ve been walking the same stretch for two hours now.

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