A Day in the CT Woods.

rustic barn wedding Connecticut woods

This day was lovely. The weather was delightful, the mood was calm, and the food was fantastic. Everyone was happy.

The entire family was great to us; thank you for abiding by our unconventional requests — you helped make this day perfect. Thank you also to the lovely owners of Chatfield Hollow Bed and Breakfast — your magical forest hideaway swept us off our feet.

For our closest family and friends, here is a photo gallery holding some of our special moments.

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Lost in Translation: How to Learn a Foreign Language.

Graffiti in Berlin

It makes me feel lazy. I’m sitting in a room with 15 other Internationals and I’m the only one limited to one language. They’re communicating with me in English, their third or fourth language, and I don’t even have the option to sift through several vocabularies looking for the right word to use; I’m limited to one and I feel like the laziest person in the world. Continue reading